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Hi, my name is Artur Kostecki. I’m a web designer. I’m a web designer who codes. I’m a web designer who codes and understands WordPress. This is a kickass combo, huh?

Diabllerie Designs is a one-man show. That means your website gets my personal attention from concept to production without marketing buzzwords, never-ending meetings, overcomplicated processes and bloated budgets. I’m independent, I do things my way: I take the shortest and simplest route to my destination…

Long story short

In the web industry since 2013. In portfolio over 80 websites built, clients and partners in Europe, in the US and Asia. I build successful B2B partnerships. Always open for creative collabs.


The creative and business philosophy behind Diabllerie Designs is clear: designing and building websites that are at once simple but elegant, modern but timeless, unique but meaningful. Everything handcrafted with love, with care of semantic markup, fully mobile-friendly, and easy to set up and use.


The web world is highly visualized nowadays. Diabllerie Designs addresses its offer to clients and brands that need great looking simple websites, and they understand that aesthetics are as important as functionality and impact a user’s opinion of the site and the company.

Design + Development

Diabllerie Designs has a strong focus on the visual part of websites and modern front-end design. To accomplish eye-friendly effects, I use clean, straight lines, uncluttered space, solid colors, regular shapes and smooth animations. When it comes to development, Diabllerie Designs offers a hand-coded solution based on the content management system WordPress with unique layout, design, and a number of other features that are specifically built for the business requirements. But sometimes there’s no need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. For sites that don’t require deep customizations, I use WordPress and the Elementor visual editor without leaning on heavy custom code. It also cuts development time by about 50%.

Technology stack

HTML5, CSS3, BEM, Bootstrap, RWD, GSAP, jQuery, WordPress, ACF, Elementor, Figma.